Max Skybin

Welcome to my personal web-page. I am a technology and sales professional in the field of enterprise software by day, and a geek, philosopher and family man by night. I am passionate about technology, but I don’t believe in technology for its own sake. Instead, I am interested in how technical features help us lead better, more fulfilling, and more productive lives both at work and at home.


I run a global sales engineering team for Perfecto Mobile. We help organizations become more efficient in how they use web and mobile to deliver high quality digital applications to market faster. I feel that, since starting with the company, I have learned tremendous amount about how Continuous Quality has to be a key component of any successful digital delivery strategy. If you are interested in learning more, head over to our web-site. If you would like to contact me directly, send me a note on LinkedIn.


My main interests include cloud computing, various forms of automation, and open and closed source software development models. I superficially dabble in programming, preferring innovative new languages such as Rust, Nim, and Elixir.

As much as I love technology, it's not all about bits and bytes for me. I enjoy unerstanding deeper motivations of human actions, so I read a fair bit on philosophy and psychology, with Richard Rorty, Martin Buber and Daniel Rutley being some of my influencers. I believe that this tendency towards observaton and introspection helps me be a better person and father to my three beautiful children.


If you got redirected to this site from one of my posts related to Bitcoin, here is the deal. Once upon a time I was captivated by the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. I got pretty deep into it, read research on blockchain technology, built a mining rig, attended local crypto-related events, and posted various guides related to sha256 and scrypt mining. Over time, however, I found that developments in crypto-science and technology outpaced my ability and desire to keep up. My blog articles became outdated and irrelevant. Out of respect for my readers I decided to scrape the old content.

On a more philosophical note, I got into Bitcoin not because I wanted to win big financially. I was attracted to the dream of a democratic, corruption-free financial system. I believe that this dream, at least as far as Bitcoin is concerned, is now mostly dead. Bitcoin has failed to become a viable replacement for fiat. Instead it devolved into a self-serving speculative playground for a few big players. This is not something I am interested in, so I got out of the game. I no longer hold Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency, and I am not active in the crypto-community.

That being said, I am still very bullish on blockchain. I believe it is one of the most profound inventions of this century that will see wide adoption in a variety of fields from financial to healthcare. I am actively watching recent developments and not excluding a future in a blockchain-related startup for myself at some point.