Max Skybin

Welcome to my personal web-page. I am a technology and sales professional in the field of enterprise software by day, and a geek, philosopher and family man by night. I am passionate about technology, but I don’t believe in technology for its own sake. Instead, I am interested in how technical features help us lead better, more fulfilling, and more productive lives both at work and at home.


I run a global sales engineering team for Perfecto Mobile. We help organizations become more efficient in how they use web and mobile to deliver high quality digital applications to market faster. I feel that since starting with the company almost two years ago, I learned tremendous amount about how Continuous Quality has to be a key component of any successful digital delivery strategy. If you are interested in learning more, head over to our web-site. If you would like to contact me directly, send me a note on LinkedIn.


My main interests include cloud computing, various forms of automation and AI, and open and closed source software development models. I superficially dabble in programming, with Rust being the most recent language I am fascinated by. I enjoy unerstanding deeper motivations of human actions, so I read a fair bit on philosophy and psychology, with Richard Rorty, Martin Buber and Daniel Rutley being some of my influencers.


If you got redirected to this site from one of my posts related to Bitcoin, here is the deal. Once upon a time I was captivated by the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. I got pretty deep into it, read research on blockchain technology, built a mining rig, and posted various guides related to sha256 and scrypt mining. Over time, however, I found that developments in crypto-science and technology outpaced my ability or desire to keep up. My blog articles became outdated and irrelevant. Out of respect for my readers I decided (with a somewhat heavy heart) to scrape the old content. Yes, I still have a few bitcoins sentimentally stashed in cold storage somewhere, but I am not active in the crypto-community and you'd be better off looking for most recent information elsewhere.